Nibbles £5 each

Gruyere & parmesan gougères

Mini deluxe toastie of Serrano ham, truffle cheese & tomato

Tandoori soft shell crab, mango salsa

Potato croquettes with chorizo jam

Colchester oysters, red wine vinegar £2.50 per oyster



Roasted artichoke soup with artichoke tortellini £7

Grilled Cornish mackerel with pepperata £8

Smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraiche, beetroot, caviar & blinis £9

Baked camembert with truffle honey £9

Lobster Caesar salad, anchovies & bacon £14



Red Poll cheese burger & fries £14, or Deluxe with foie gras & truffle mayo  £18

Local pheasant Kiev, ceps, pancetta, kale & white beans £15

Fish stew with garlic aioli £15

Chargrilled Red Poll rump steak, braised shin, onion rings & chips £22

Fish & chips with crushed peas & tartare sauce £12


Side dishes £3.50 each

Fries or chips, green salad, tender stem broccoli with almonds, garlic mushrooms, peppercorn or béarnaise sauce, minted new potatoes, truffle & cauliflower cheese, extra breads, braised red cabbage.