Hot pain d épice soufflé, honey ice cream £10

Peanut and milk chocolate mousse, lemon butterscotch, vanilla bean ice cream £9

Exotic fruit Baked Alaska, Piña Colada sauce £8

Chestnut mousse “Mont Blanc”, caramelised almonds, banana and passionfruit £8

Rhubarb and custard “spoom”, ginger sauce, cinder toffee £8

Herring roes on toast, garlic butter & parsley £8


English Cheeses


Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue

Soft blue veined cheese

Mrs Temple’s Copys Cloud

Brie type cheese with fluffy white rind and melting centre

Smoked Shipcord

A sweet, nutty rich mature cheddar with a long finish

Cambridge Blue

Semi soft blue veined cheese, with a smooth texture and pleasant tang

Godminster Organic Cheddar

Firm pressed medium to strong cheese with a creamy consistency and flavour

Golden Cross

Matured goat’s cheese rolled in ash with an ice-cream like texture

Stinking Bishop

Soft cheese with a Perry washed rind giving characteristic flavour & pungent smell

Blacksticks Blue

A unique amber hued blue veined cheese, creamy and smooth yet tangy

All served with celery, apple & biscuits

Please choose 3 for £9