3 AA Rosettes for The Bildeston Crown – Third time for Chef/Patron Chris Lee

September 24, 2019

A jubilant Chris Lee celebrated last night at The Grosvenor House Hotel with the team (photo) from The Bildeston Crown, when once again the AA recognised him as a 3 AA Rosettes chef. The announcement of the 3, 4 and 5 Rosettes were made as part of the annual AA Hospitality Awards, the prestigious event, which this year was hosted by Kate Silverton.

The Rosette scheme is a long established recognition scheme operated by the AA. Approximately 10% of all restaurants across the UK are of a standard to attain one rosette making up 50% the AA Restaurant Guide; only 10% of the hotels/restaurants within the Guide will have three rosettes and above. 3 AA Rosettes status is defined as “Outstanding restaurants that achieve standards that demand national recognition well beyond their local area.”

What is a little unusual in Chris’s case is that this is the third time that he has won this sought-after status. The rosettes are awarded to the chef and not the restaurant and so if for any reason the awarded chef steps down from the role, the rosettes are suspended and the restaurant (and its new chef) needs to start the application process again.

Chris was first awarded 3 rosettes back in 2007. The rosettes were then suspended when in 2013 Chris and his wife Hayley joined Philip Turner to start up The Chestnut Group. However, within a year, Chris had been awarded 3 AA Rosettes for Chestnut’s first hostelry near Newmarket. Then in September 2015 Chris and Hayley returned to The Bildeston Crown to run the business as their own and started all over again.

“I can’t deny it. To have 3 AA Rosettes, once more, is just simply amazing. Food is my passion and my life and this award means a great deal to all of us who have worked hard to ensure that The Bildeston Crown is known far and wide as a destination for great locally-sourced food and attentive service. It may seem as though I keep letting these rosettes slip through my fingers but now that the Bildeston Crown is our very own business, I intend holding on to the three of these rosettes very tightly indeed.”