Battle of the Chefs: Hampshire -v- Suffolk ….and Suffolk wins!

May 22, 2017

The Bildeston Crown’s Chris Lee went head to head with Hampshire-based Olly Rouse in a cook off at Eastleigh College on Thursday 18th May.

The event, which was organised by lecturer Greg Cheeseman  and involved students in the Hospitality and Catering department at Eastleigh, was held in the College’s  training restaurant

Both chefs had to cook three courses plus breads and petits fours. Chris’s menu of “All Day Breakfast”, Pigeon Wellington and “jelly and ice cream” was served alongside Olly’s risotto, confit trout and chocolate mousse. Diners scored each course and Suffolk emerged as victors with just twelve points separating the two chefs.

“Of course, I’m pleased” admitted Chris Lee. “Olly is an awesome chef and has a couple of Michelin stars to his credit! I love the challenge of competition but the real buzz is working with these young students, the talent of the future. It was also great to cook with Phil Skinner, my former sous-chef and once a student of Greg’s when he was at Suffolk College. I think it is important to invest time in encouraging student chefs; you never know when one will be part of your team.”