High Five! Good Food Guide 2018 goes west for the top four restaurants in Suffolk…

September 14, 2017

We are celebrating a great result in the recently launched Good Food Guide 2018, the annual guidebook to the best restaurants in the UK which has been going since 1951 and is now published by Waitrose.

The Bildeston Crown has received a cooking score of 5; one tier higher than last year and this means that we are considered by The Good Food Guide 2018 to be in the top four restaurants in Suffolk!  Restaurants receive a ranking between 1 and 10, ten being the highest and only achieved by two restaurants in the whole of the UK – L’Enclume in Cumbria and Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall – I’ve eaten at both and the scores are well-deserved.

But back to Suffolk – congratulations to the 18 restaurants recognised but in particular Lee Bye and Tuddenham Mill for setting the bar for next year by receiving a 6 for the first year. This is the highest score in Suffolk, but closely followed by three of us receiving a cooking score of 5.  The Bildeston Crown is very happy with the company we are keeping alongside Maison Bleue and The Great House.  It is interesting that all four of us at the top of the table for Suffolk are in the west of the county but we congratulate all 18 restaurants featured as well as those recognised with a “Readers Recommend” or “Local Gem” status for making the Suffolk section so substantial.

There are also some great readers’ comments in the review such as “Chris and Hayley’s Lee’s return to The Bildeston Crown… has been a cause for celebration hereabouts, with readers heralding a new-found vitality in every department.”; “a stylish operation with no fuss – but heaps of culinary kudos” and “young, interested staff lift the mood.”

A score of 5 takes us back to the position we were in before our two-year break from Bildeston and so we could not be more pleased.  Thank you to the team for all their hard work and support in getting us back to our former glory.  Thank you also to everyone who sent in comments to the Guide.  We could not do it without you.

Chris Lee